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To build a wireless city, Weiyin starts with a photovoltaic smart chair!

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To build a wireless city, Weiyin starts with a photovoltaic smart chair

Wireless is the fifth public infrastructure after China's new urbanization follows the water, electricity, gas and transportation links. WIFI has covered many corners of the city, but in the process of reconstruction, it will involve the re-laying of wires and fibers. The amount of work to be rebuilt is large. Weiyin Photovoltaic Intelligent Leisure Chair is a product produced under the state's promotion of “wireless city construction”. It adopts photovoltaic power-taking and built-in WIFI, which effectively saves the land resources for laying cables and reduces construction costs. More importantly, The application of solar energy has made our city cleaner and laid a good foundation for building a green, environmentally friendly and low carbon city.

Photovoltaic smart chair

Shenzhen Weiyin Wireless City Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the development and application of photovoltaic products. At present, it has made a major breakthrough in the software development and application of photovoltaic intelligent control system. The main design of photovoltaic smart chair products has been matured for many years. And mass production, is being sold to all parts of the country, and overseas markets are gradually expanding.

Shenzhen Weiyin Wireless Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of solar intelligent leisure chairs, adopts intelligent control system, has four core product functions, sells well at home and abroad, and the market responds well.

Combine photovoltaic clean energy with application products, relying on the wisdom and efforts of Weiyin Wireless to ensure that the products achieve the technical performance! Adapt to the future urban development trend, aiming at low carbon, environmental protection and energy conservation, and become a good solution provider for wireless cities. Let Weiyin become a spiritual home that inspires employees' creativity, passion and dreams, responsibility and mission!

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