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For solar chairs, the shift in public demand!

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For solar chairs, the shift in public demand!

At present, most of the ideas about smart cities are now concentrated on home or personal equipment, and what we want to do is to upgrade the urban environment that is still relatively backward.

Two years ago, the functional imagination of the street-side solar chairs began to rest on the effect of allowing the bench to absorb solar energy and illuminate it as a streetlight at night. Through the investigation, the company's researchers and the public were also very satisfied with the design drawings at the time - think about it, it is a romantic thing to sit on a bench that can automatically shine in the park at night.

Solar chair

However, when the bench entered the research and development stage, the surrounding environment has changed. Nowadays, people's lives are experiencing the revolution brought about by the mobile Internet. When people are sitting on park benches, they are no longer carrying books, but mobile phones: brush social networking sites, learn real-time news or watch short films of a few minutes length.

“Our mobile phones are being added with more and more features. These features make us mobile, and at the same time make the battery function less.” “Battery life has become a pain point for many people. So our long The chair can become a 'magnet' that attracts these people to rest."

The solar chair was positioned as a “city water dispenser” and specifically emphasized the need to retain the members and rest functions of the bench itself, but the company found that there are no places around the mobile charging station that many cities have to sit and wait. “These charging stations look like a broken break, people have to stand, and it doesn’t look smart.”

In order to make everything look smarter, Wein Bank hopes to provide reliable wireless network connectivity for those who have decided to sit in a solar chair to charge their mobile phones, and to easily understand the news events happening around us and the world while at leisure. 

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