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Future trends: wireless cities and plug-and-charge solar charging chairs!

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Future trends: wireless cities and plug-and-charge solar charging chairs!

The solar smart leisure chair is a multi-functional leisure pavilion that uses clean energy solar energy as a pavilion power supply system, which integrates fashion elements, low carbon environmental protection concept, artificial intelligence operation, commercial operation mode and landscape recreation.

It reflects the design elements and artistic styles of fashion, novelty, chic, artistic, human culture;

Solar charging system. The solar energy is converted into electric energy and electric energy to directly distribute the power system of the mobile phone terminal, the battery and the pavilion. At the same time, the kiosk is equipped with a battery function. Under special circumstances, the electric energy stored in the battery can provide normal use of the pavilion. And solar energy is a low-carbon, environmentally friendly clean energy source.

Solar charging chair

Company project development trends and vision:

On March 25, 2013, China Mobile took the lead: “Unlicensed to run” 4G market, reaching commercial scale by the end of the year. China Mobile's TD-LTE network reaches 7MB/S, and a 1280P movie download takes only 12 minutes. The high-speed mobile network indicates the arrival of the wireless city mobile network era. The wireless city replaces the traditional "wired" operation mode with the concept of "wireless", and covers a certain area or multiple areas of the city with a high-speed broadband wireless network, enabling the Internet to access the information service anytime and anywhere, and it will quickly information. It is a multi-faceted and convenient transmission to all units and individuals. It is called the “fifth public infrastructure” of cities after water, electricity, gas and transportation. It is a natural extension and expansion of the development tide of mobile communication. The development of solar energy technology is changing with each passing day, which promotes the development of Internet of Things products in the direction of “wireless”, which saves the land resources for laying cables and reduces construction costs, and is conducive to building green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly cities.

Today, this wave has also begun to affect Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities have begun to consider the construction of similar projects. The Tianjin Municipal Government will take the lead in building a wireless broadband coverage network in the coastal area, and “try first” in the construction of wireless cities. Shanghai's construction plan will start from Jiading New City, with a focus on municipal services. Jiading New City uses wireless broadband network to cover the entire city of Xincheng, and supports the public information, urban management, emergency response, business travel, life learning and other information applications with the ubiquitous integrated wireless information network platform. With the solar leisure seat as the carrier, the concept of “wireless city” will be highlighted, highlighting the highlights of wireless cities, grasping the change of the direction of municipal facilities, and building the ordinary rest pavilion into a modern, intelligent and network with low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving concepts. New multi-functional rest pavilions. The construction of the Internet + smart rest pavilion project pattern, the data interconnection between the city and the city, the formation of a big data platform.

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