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Have a solar seat that is too rechargeable!

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This park's park solar public seat caters to the modern needs of a modern person - charging a mobile phone or tablet device, a solar charging device on the bench, and a solar panel on the surface that absorbs sunlight into The electrical energy is stored in the internal battery. Sitting in a chair can charge the phone while resting. It has two USB charging ports, but you need to bring your own data cable.

Solar public seat

The solar chair is replaced by a traditional wired operation mode as a new theme of wireless, low-carbon, environmentally-friendly wireless city. It is powered by stainless steel structural materials combined with high-efficiency solar high-crystal silicon wafers and tempered glass. It is reliable and has a long service life. Optimized low-energy control circuit, overcharge, over-discharge protection, automatic photometric control, reliable performance, large battery capacity, no commercial power can work normally in 5 to 7 cloudy days, smart inverter connected to 220V AC mains, In the case that the solar high-crystal silicon plate is not fully charged due to continuous rainy days, it is automatically converted into commercial power supply. The stainless steel structure has good corrosion resistance, beautiful and solid, and is convenient for installation and maintenance. Solar sun loungers use solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity to charge the battery during the day. USB fast charging provides power to mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products throughout the day. In the evening, it works through the time controller LED lights and LED light boxes, which are the green energy products that are strongly advocated in today's society. Widely used in urban roadsides, residential roads, industrial parks, tourist scenic spots, parks, garden green belts, squares, pedestrian streets, fitness and leisure squares, bus stations and other places.

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