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Public seat

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Public seat

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From the perspective of the solar public seat, the solar power generation device can be fully utilized to support the power supply of the seat, and the application of the charging technology can be completed. At the same time, there is Bluetooth playback, and only when connected to the mobile phone, the music that is desired to be listened can be adjusted, and the music is also added. On the basis of traditional rest chairs, wireless charging technology, through a series of technical means such as design, improvement, grafting, etc., make it gradually scientific and technological information. Its main functions are:

(1) The mobile phone is connected to the Bluetooth function with one button, so it is more convenient to listen to the radio and listen to music.

(2) Solar energy devices, charging mobile phone users, adding gravity sensors, and matching colorful lights, will become more interesting at night, adding a beautiful scenery to the park or community, the street.

(3) The product is integrated by wireless WIFI technology, so that users are not worried about the traffic problem. At the same time of leisure and entertainment, they can easily understand the news events happening around us and the world, and truly realize the mobile phone in hand, I have it in the world. Through the leisure chair to achieve outdoor network coverage, scanning the QR code on the seat for free Internet access, providing anytime, anywhere data entry, docking APP and public number to create online platform offline entry to achieve commercial value.

Solar seat

Photovoltaic solar chair

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