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Mobile phone charging chair

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Mobile phone charging chair

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Wireless city refers to the use of multiple wireless access technologies to provide wireless access to the entire city anytime, anywhere. Wireless city, first of all, is a multi-level, full-coverage, broadband, ubiquitous, and fused information network, enabling users to switch freely according to applications and scenarios, accessing the network at any time, and building a convenient, secure, and quick connection for citizens. The channel into the information world, which is the basis for all digital and intelligent information applications; at the same time, the wireless city is also an information application platform that integrates the Internet, mobile Internet and Internet of Things. It can be used for the public by aggregating a large amount of information content and applications. Facilitating shopping, travel, study, education, and health care, it can provide powerful tools for the opening, sales, promotion, and management of enterprises, and can provide useful help for government government affairs disclosure, supervision, and urban management.

Solar charging chair

Solar seat

Solar technology and wireless wifi technology are applied to the functional system of leisure seats. Its purpose is to improve the comfort of urban public space leisure seats and optimize the urban public space environment. The use of wireless technology enhances the convenience and quality of people's lives. Thereby, the solar energy technology and the wireless technology are organically combined to realize the basic functions, comfort, energy conservation and environmental protection of the urban public space solar leisure chair and the efficiency of information application.

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