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Solar chair

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Solar chair

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Outdoor leisure chairs, WIFI rest booths and other products are the new technology products developed by Shenzhen Weiyin Wireless City Technology Development Co., Ltd. in the second half of 2016. On the basis of traditional rest chairs, through a series of technical means such as design, improvement and grafting, Make it gradually scientific and technological information.

Solar chair

Solar charging chair

The main functions of the solar chair are:

(1) The mobile phone is connected to the Bluetooth function with one button, so it is more convenient to listen to the radio and listen to music.

(2) Solar energy devices, charging mobile phone users, adding a gravity sensor, with colorful lights, will become at night, adding a beautiful landscape to the park or community.

(3) The product is integrated by wireless WIFI technology, so that users are not worried about the traffic problem. At the same time of leisure and entertainment, they can easily understand the news events happening around us and the world, and truly realize the mobile phone in hand, I have it in the world.

(4) In order to maintain public security and protect the green ecological home, the camera is installed on the top of the product. Under the premise of not affecting the appearance, it can record the dynamics around it, give some unscrupulous people a wake-up alarm, and greatly reduce the harm of law and order. The occurrence of the event. In addition, the product also has a one-button alarm function. When an emergency situation occurs, you can directly contact the police through the alarm button to bring more and faster services to citizens.

(5) At present, the global effect continues to rise, and most cities at home and abroad have experienced serious air pollution. Therefore, protecting the ecological environment is the responsibility and obligation of each of our citizens. Based on environmental issues, Shenzhen Weiyin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has added a negative ion air purifier to the product, so that we can breathe fresh air as much as we can in the wonderful life. From then on, it is healthier and happier.

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