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In the era of energy saving, solar public seats have become the new darling of the city!

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In the era of energy saving, solar public seats have become the new darling of the city!

Since the launch of the concept of green environmental protection, it has been supported by national, international and countless environmental protection volunteers. Now it has become a symbol of fashion and quality and has been applied to all aspects of life. Many people may not have thought of it. Wireless cities have also created solar public seats to enter the market.

Most of the traditional public seats are more monotonous. Most of the public seats are placed in some places in the park. They are made of wood and stainless steel. The main function is for pedestrians to rest. Other than that, there seems to be nothing else. Acted. However, when the solar public seats in the Westin Wireless City have made people feel the light, the design of solar energy not only plays a role in energy conservation and environmental protection, it can also give you night lighting, and does not need to consider the wiring of the wires. The problem will not happen when you sit there in the evening, and there are no embarrassing things about street lights.

Solar public seat

Inconsistent with everyone's imagination, not all solar-powered public seats are well-regulated. In addition to the regular design, when considering pedestrians' rest or waiting for friends, they may pay attention to new information and play mobile phones. You can have a wireless network and you can also charge to give the public a new public seat experience.

The idea of a solar public seat is very fresh, and its shape naturally cannot be too low. According to the introduction, the public seats of Weiyin Wireless City can choose different styles according to different surrounding environments. If the surrounding is a retro-styled scenic spot, you can choose the public seat style with antique features, if it is near the modern community and park. You can also choose a modern style with bold and bright colors.

Although the solar public seat plays the role of commercial advertising communicator to a certain extent, it is also part of urban greening on the other hand. As a bus stop, it needs to be compatible with the surrounding environment, not only functionally, but also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is easy to install, meets the needs of modernization, and pursues aesthetic design in the shape. It combines with the surrounding environment and the aesthetics of modern people, and strives to make the solar public seat become an important part of the beautiful scenery of the city.

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